My Tech Academy Testimonials

February 22, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Steve, Manufacturing Industry . Denayia Robinson. Will, Stealth Aircraft Engineer. Elizabeth, Operations & Maintenance

Will: I came across Eli's page, What happened to common sense of on Youtube from one of the videos he did on Mr. J Morrison and Dr. Umar Johnson. Obviously from there on I learned that he's into crypto and I must say...throughout this year, Eli has been one of the most knowledgeable channels I've come across when it comes to breaking down the importance of cryptography in today's life.

The Time is Now!

Elizabeth: My name is Elizabeth. Um I have a unique background. Um I used to be a schoolteacher. Fast forward to working in um operations and maintenance with like construction and I followed Eli for years. I don't remember how I found him or when I first started watching him, but it has been years.

Become financially free!

Steve: I've been subscribed to you Eli for a year now....over a year. Um My goals is financial freedom. Um You have helped me out immensely. If it wasn't for you, I would probably either

Steve: be in Dodge or XRP. Like I first got into um which I'm out of.

Protect yourself against inflation!

Denayia Robinson: a Youtube subscriber? My name is Denayia, I go by Nayyar 1934 on Youtube.

Denayia Robinson: Um What I was looking to achieve was to find out ways that I could protect myself against inflation since um the money printing has been going crazy since last year, ever since the pandemic hit. And Elijah just seemed like he had a lot of insightful um information and knowledge about the subject and why crypto was so revolutionary and it was a way to protect yourself against inflation.

Get into crypto projects with utility!

Will: Hes' He's pretty much put me on to polygon, the graph token. He's solidified my belief in Chainlink, Ethereum and some other projects. For those that I mentioned...obviously, if you know anything about the Crypto space, those have been doing significantly well in the past couple... in the past year I'd say.

Join My Tech Academy and learn valuable information!

Elizabeth: When I decided to join My Tech Academy, I actually had no preconceived ideas about what it would bring to me. Although I was familiar with the crypto space, just with some colleagues, friends of mines. I found that I got a lot more value from his explanations on YouTube than I did even with those people that I knew. And so now that I'm a part of his academy, the knowledge that I have gained as well as the increased um finances, it's helping me to achieve my goals and so and so much faster, faster than I ever could achieve them with the traditional methods of stocks. and so there you have it um have I

Steve: Um I watch all your your content and what I'm invested in is Bitcoin, Ethereum Vet, Vethor um Link, Dot, Matic um Salona,

Steve: the graph token.

Jumpstart your crypto journey today!

Denayia Robinson: I would if I was able to jump start my crypto journey just from being subscribed to. Um, so that What Happened to Common Sense channel then I could only imagine what I could have gotten into if I was actually a part of My Tech Academy.

Denayia Robinson: So thank you Elijah for your insight. I can honestly say that you are the reason... you are like the jumpstart as to why I'm in crypto now. So, thank you.

Will: I would just like to say thanks Eli for what you do. You... you you're changing lives by just just being online doing your free lives. People are actually listening and going out and making the move to dive into the um space.

Will: Thanks to what you do bro! keep killing it! You you're you're you're one of the few guys that I can actually say this guy knows what he's talking about, even though I don't know what I'm talking about. You know what I'm saying, But from what you're saying, it sounds feasible and your track record has been proven throughout this year. Again, Thank you and keep killing it.

Do your own research of the information shared!

Elizabeth: and so there you have it um have I made profits or substantial gains totally. And what I have to say about this is that I like the fact that we share in the academy with one another and then I can go off and do some research on my own about projects that I of course never ran across. And so I like that part of the camaraderie of everyone that's inside the academy, would I recommend this to a friend and colleague of course and I have.

Elizabeth: and so because I think it's great value at it and I love supporting genuine black owned businesses. Um Eli has taught me a lot and I'm dedicated to learning more. So, thank you for all your information and knowledge and thank you for sharing with your community, meaning us.

The Time is Now!

Steve: I appreciate you man. You've helped me out a ton. Um I haven't that much to invest in. But... I could with all my profits I've I've had I could pay off all my my my my car, my my debt and and have some money left over. But I plan on staying in this game for the long term I'm holding. Thank you Eli.

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