MTA Member Testimonials

December 25, 2021

MTA Member Testimonials

Video Transcript

Speakers: Brittny Turbeville, Manufacturing Industry . Richelieu Hoff Jr, Provider Data Analyst, Centene

Richelieu Hoff Jr: Hey, how's it going? My name is Rich and I've been participating in this space, this crypto space since 2016.

Richelieu Hoff Jr: I believe I discovered Elijah in 2018. The My Tech Academy had not been created yet, but I would watch his Youtube videos with the hope, of growing my knowledge as quickly as possible, because at the time, although I had been investing for about 2 years, my knowledge base was very surface level. I was operating from a place of ignorance, emotion and other people's influence, particularly those on Youtube.

Richelieu Hoff Jr: I ended up making some bad decisions and I lost that money even quicker than I had made it. Like for one, I invested in Bit Connect, you know, and I paid the price. I made some bad decisions and that was a wake up call and I knew I needed to deepen my knowledge base if I was going to continue to move in this space, you know, so when the My Tech Academy launched, I signed up for, I signed up for it.

Richelieu Hoff Jr: nothing gained. So actually I signed up as a lifetime member, I still have a consultation, I haven't even used yet if it's still available, but it's been a wonderful investment for me. I'm really glad I did it because it really expanded my knowledge base on this world of crypto, how it currently exists and what it could currently, what it could evolve into.

Knowledge brings understanding!

Brittny Turbeville: Hey, my name is Brittny and I work in the manufacturing industry. I've been in the crypto space since 2016 and I've been working with Eli since October of 2020. I mainly answer HTML, CSS and Javascript questions in the Slack group from My Tech Academy.

Brittny Turbeville: I joined My Tech Academy mainly because I wanted a deeper understanding of Bitcoin and Ethereum and I also also wanted to learn how to scout out really great projects that could potentially 10X or 20X and then

Brittny Turbeville: I've definitely deepened my understanding of Bitcoin and Ethereum and I have been able to successfully capitalize on three different 15X projects. Through Eli's mentorship

Brittny Turbeville: and knowledge, I have made substantial gains that have allowed me to be able to create a legacy for my family that I honestly always dreamed of... So, thank you Eli for that!

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