Monterra Customer Spotlight

October 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brian Morales, President & CEO, ProCal

Please tell us a bit about yourself and ProCal.

Brian Morales: My name is Brian Morales and I'm the owner of ProCal, we're an electrical contracting company out of San Diego where we service all of California. And we've been in the energy business for the last nine years focusing on energy efficiency and EV infrastructure and new alternative systems to generate energy for our grid.

How does Monterra help you?

Brian Morales: Part of the problem we had early on was reaching out to as many agencies, clients, customers as we can because a lot of our team is busy actually doing the construction, doing the project management. And so we needed a sales force that was able to get out there and quickly turn over designs and projects and really qualify the opportunities. So Monterra is great where they allowed us to develop and put the tools in our business development team's hands and make quick decisions, get that information quickly over to those sites and then really perform everything that we needed to do up front so that our engineering team and our design team and our estimating teams can finally tune things up and make sure that we have really good opportunities to move things forward. Our clients love it. I think it's the expediency, the opportunity to have information right in front of them, really allows us to close deals quicker and more frequently.

What's the best thing about Monterra that makes it unique?

Brian Morales: We always get introduced to different type of software that help us sell or manage our projects or manage our field teams. I think a lot of times those software packages are developed in some place in Northern California without input from a lot of contractors. The thing about Monterra, it has so much good things that contractors really need. And when you take the time to go through the software and Monterra, they really did think of everything. I mean, everything from pricing and price lists and uploading details to creating notes and really expounding what kind of packages you could offer. Monterra really thought of it all and our team is really thankful for putting it in a simple way to make it so that they can understand it. We don't have to go through hours and hours of training. It really is something that is self-evident. We love the software. We think it's the best thing that can happen to our business development team.

If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience with Monterra, what would it be?

Brian Morales: A word that I could use to describe Monterra is partner. I feel like it's an extension to my company. It's a way for our employees to act more efficiently and add that much more value. So they just have become an incredible partner to us, and we're happy that they exist.

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