Laura Starr for Government Intro Video

April 06, 2023

Laura Starr, Government Program Manager, introduces HAI services for Government agency clients

Video Transcript

Speaker: Laura Starr, C.A., Government Program Manager, Director of Business Development and Partnerships

Introduce yourself and briefly describe your role at HAI...

Laura Starr, C.A.: Hi, I'm Laura Starr, Director of Business Development at HAI. I've been with HAI for almost 15 years. I started out as an archivist and historian on our program team–and now in my role within business development, I'm committed to connecting our agency customers with HAI services. HAI is a small business headquartered in Rockville, Maryland with teams all across the country and across the world. We provide a range of records management and archive services, historical storytelling and exhibit development, as well as operational and digital transformation services to help you adhere to agency mandates and requirements. For example, do you need help in managing all of your agency records in electronic format by June of 2024? We can help, we provide strategic planning services as well as digitization and metadata creation services to assure that all of your records are in digital format for either maintenance by your agency or transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration. That's just one way that we help. We can also help preserve your history because history matters.

Tell us about HAI’s work experience with government agencies...

Laura Starr, C.A.: HAI has recent past performance and open contract vehicles with a number of Department of Defense agencies, federal civilian agencies, state and local government, independent government agencies, as well as congressional offices. We have been serving the Department of Defense since our start in 1981. We have been serving all of the different armed forces branches. This includes the Army. We currently have a blanket purchase agreement with the US Army Corps of Engineers to provide historical support services. We've supported the Navy and the Coast Guard in preserving their heritage assets and documenting their histories. We have worked with the Department of the Interior, specifically more than 75 sites within the National Park Service. We've also worked with the National Institutes of Health within health and human services for more than three decades. So this work has ranged across our services to include historical archiving services, digitization, and web archiving for the National Library of Medicine. We've also worked with more than 15 ICs to help preserve the memories and knowledge of current and retiring employees through oral history projects. We've also worked with more than three dozen congressional offices over the course of about a 20 year history. And this work is in both setting up records management programs, preserving archival collections, as well as sharing the legacy of the Congress members through a range of historical projects. As I mentioned, we've worked with independent government agencies. We have a current IDIQ with the American Battle Monuments Commission, for example. We also work with local and state government. So we're just wrapping up a project that provides strategic planning, digitization and taxonomy and metadata support services to a local transit authority who's in the process of consolidating all of their physical workspaces. Now that their employees are in a hybrid work environment, we are working to assess the records that have been collected over the years, determine what needs to be kept and for those materials that do need to be kept–to digitize them so that the transit authority employees can have access to these materials whenever they need it. So those are just some examples of the work that we do and we look forward to working with your agency to continue this legacy of service.

Please explain the types of projects HAI been hired for by government agency clients...

Laura Starr, C.A.: HAI provides a range of specialized services to our government agency clients. So this ranges from records management knowledge management, taxonomy services to historical research and interpretation services, as well as digitization and digital transformation services. HAI's top five NAICS Codes are all other business support services. That's 561990, Libraries and Archives. 519120, All Other Professional Scientific and Technical Services, which is 541990. Museums, which is 712110, and Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services, which is 541611. So these services are provided across the government agencies that we serve. And again, it's really focused on preserving and presenting your history because history matters. You can engage with the American public through lobby exhibits at your headquarters in downtown D.C., or in developing online exhibits about the history of your agency. You know, where you the agency has had accomplishments over the years, and how the agency plans to leverage and build a foundation off of that legacy for the future. We also help to achieve compliance with the different mandates. This includes M1921 where all agencies must be managing your official records in digital format by June of 2024. We can help in assessing the paper records that you have, determining which ones need to be kept and digitized, either as long term temporary records–or permanent records that will be transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration. So we can help both advise what to do with your records, as well as actually implement the digitization and metadata creation services. And then, basically any historical need you might have, we can help fill. Historical research and the development of historical content can be used in all sorts of different ways. It can be used in public relations and communications marketing of your agency, It can be used in your social media accounts. And then just in general on your website to help share the history of your agency. So these are the ways that we support our federal, DOD and state and local agency clients. And we look forward to being able to work with you to meet the needs that you may have.

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