Modern Law Practice Certification program

February 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sharon M. Villia, 3L Graduating Student

What prompted you to enroll in the Modern Law Practice program?

Sharon M. Villia: I chose to enroll in the Modern Law Practice program because I viewed it as a great opportunity. I viewed enrollment into this program as an opportunity because it was just like adding another tool in the toolbox. It is a good feeling when you can show up on a job knowing that the tool needed for the job, it's in your toolbox. I chose this program because I wanted to have a full toolbox. So in my legal career toolbox, there was an empty spot specifically marked for the Modern Law Practice Certification program. I have had instances where I've shown up on a job and found that I did not have the adequate tools necessary for the job. Not only a fool keeps making the same mistakes by showing up under prepared or ill prepared. But a wise man equips himself and shows up for the job with all the tools, even if you find out that you didn't even need the tools. But it is always a great feeling when you find out that there is a tool that you need and you know that it is in your toolbox.

How have the knowledge, skills & abilities you learned in this program benefited you?

Sharon M. Villia: The knowledge and skills learned in this program is a benefit because the traditional scheme of the way the law works? Well, it changes! The Modern Law Practice course gives you a broader outlook on the trend of modernizing the legal profession. For instance, the program showed me the difference between selling a product or service as opposed to selling an experience. So I am of the opinion that my focus for my legal career will hinge on creating an experience. Rather than selling a product or service to potential clients. Every law firm or private practice attorney will possibly sell the same product or service. But because of the knowledge and skills gained throughout this program, I know that consumers are willing to pay more for an experience. So I have greatly benefited, as I am honing in on the unmet needs of consumers by taking into account how a person feels. Because I believe that emotions trump logic in most cases, and that feeling will result in more money.

What is the #1 thing that you want to tell others who are considering enrolling in the MLP Certification?

Sharon M. Villia: give you an edge. Having this certification will speak volumes. It will say that this individual is not only equipped with traditional legal skills, but their bandwidth extends to the more modern practices of where the legal field appears to be heading. Once you get it, you'll thank me later.

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