Marianne's Message

January 31, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Marianne Grobbelaar

Marianne Grobbelaar: Good morning team. I hope you're doing great. We are in the beginning of March. Can you believe it? So we have a lot to do and so much ahead of us and I'm so excited about this year. I've added our NPS in this monthly newsletter and you can see that we are slowly but surely moving in the right direction. But it comes to my mind that what can we do each individual, what can we do in our process? How can we structure to really provide an experience to remember for our customer. As our customers complete the Solarversary survey every year, they think about, okay, my last experience with Sunrun and have we built that level of confidence with a customer that they can actually say yes, I am super confident; this is an excellent company and I will recommend them. You and I play a very important role in that experience for the customer. Now you may know that Mary's directs and their directs called 10 customers a month during the solarversary. And so I recently finished my 10 customers and it was a mixed bag. Two customers. really felt good about the support and the system. There's a customer that called us two months ago and said listen I would love to do a home energy report because I'm worried about my utility bill. And we said we can help you in two months. Now, I understand that's our process but is there something else we can do here? Do we have to wait 12 months, is 10 months enough. This customer actually thought we're going to call her back at 12 months. I connected her. But from her perspective, I'm thinking she's happy with her system. She's concerned about her utility rates. Is there a way for us to provide that better confidence that will connect with her, that she can connect with us sooner. One customer, Larry, gave lots of good feedback and I actually sent him a handwritten thank you note afterwards. He had to wait five months for his field service request to be fulfilled. He was very worried because we closed down our branch in New Mexico. We only had one technician and he was really concerned about the future and I'm thinking future of service. I'm thinking, wow, this customer doesn't have that level of confidence. He's actually in doubt, and our processes should make sure that regardless of having a branch in the area, we need to drive confidence. This is everyone's responsibility across Sunrun. How do we ensure when a customer falls in that next survey that even if they have an issue, they know absolutely we're going to address it. They have no doubt they have super confidence in Sunrun. So I, we, we continue to do these calls. My staff knows I'm sending them notes all the time around as our executives get feedback from customers and saying, hey listen, this process is a bit clunky. How can we make that an experience to remember each and every time we interact with them. I hope you just have a wonderful day. This is March. We're getting into a new month, set your goals, personally and professionally. Let's go that extra mile to build confidence, overcome obstacles and make each and every customer's experience one to remember, have a fantastic day. Bye for now!

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