Introducing Dr. Irene Mariani

March 04, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Irene Mariani, Context Expert

Irene Mariani: Hello, My name is Irene, and I am one of Context Learning's experts. I am based in Edinburgh, Scotland and I am an art historian. I graduated from Edinburgh University and my PhD thesis looked at Renaissance Art patronage.

Irene Mariani: My seminars are designed to take you on a virtual road trip around Scotland. We will visit different parts of the country – north to south, east to west – and discover an incredible variety of places... from cities to castles and glens. So through these seminars, you will get familiar with the geography of the country, but you will also learn about the history, the architecture, as well as the legends and myths that shape Scotland.

Irene Mariani: For example, did you know that Scotland's national animal is the mythical unicorn? You can still spot unicorns in many Scottish cities and towns. And I will tell you exactly where you can see them.

Irene Mariani: I must admit I am a restless traveler. I love traveling around Scotland and I have been to these places. I have done the routes that I talk about in my seminars. So, on top of sharing information about the history and the architecture of Scotland, I will also share my personal experience as a traveler around this country. And I will offer some hopefully useful tips to help you in planning your journey around Scotland.

Irene Mariani: My seminars are for anyone who is interested in Scottish history, art, architecture. And for anyone who likes to travel and discover new places!

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