Elizabeth Norton for Tudor Seminars

March 04, 2022

Tudor History with Elizabeth Norton

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elizabeth Norton, Context Expert

Elizabeth Norton: Hello, I am Dr. Elizabeth Norton. I am a British Historian based just outside London, and my area of expertise is in the Tudor period and the Queens of England.

Elizabeth Norton: I have been writing about and researching the Tudors for many years now. I have written several books on the period, including "The Hidden Lives of Tudor Women," "The Temptation of Elizabeth Tudor," and biographies of four of Henry VIII's wives. It's just such a fascinating period, full of big personalities and really interesting information about daily life.

Elizabeth Norton: In this seminar series, called Tudor Tuesdays, you will learn about different aspects of Tudor life, from the royal family, from Henry VIII to his six wives and his Children to religion, to daily life, to the palaces that the kings lived in. We're going to look at all sorts of topics with a different topic every week.

Elizabeth Norton: Did you know that it was rumored that Henry VIII's sixth wife, Catherine Parr, attempted to refuse the king, saying that she'd rather be his mistress than his wife? This was not surprising, given that he had a difficult marital record with two wifely beheadings, two annulments, and a death along the way.

Elizabeth Norton: This seminar is for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge on the Tudor period, or even really just begin with learning about the 16th century and the big personalities and the big events.

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