Meet A&M Artists June 2023

June 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Elizabeth Davison, Fiber Artist. Cecelia M. Laurendeau, Painter & Photographer. Tony Ventouris, Commercial Photographer / Music Producer. Tony Ventouris, Commercial Photographer / Music Producer

How long have you been an artist?

Cecelia M. Laurendeau: I'd like to say I've been an artist since being introduced to crayons. That's when I first felt a real sense of creativity and knew that I could probably go beyond just coloring.

Elizabeth Davison: I've been a fiber artist for about 25 years. I've been doing a wide range of wall hangings and dying a lot of fabric as well and doing prints.

Tony Ventouris: I've been in art for over 35 years, split between music and photography. My career as a commercial photographer. started over 16 years ago.

What are you working on right now in your studio?

Cecelia M. Laurendeau: On my easel now is a piece that I've been commissioned to do. I'm creating an oil painting of a lovely farm scene in the springtime.

Elizabeth Davison: Recently I've been working on wall hangings that represent birds and animals and things in my garden. Behind me, you can see a quilt of ravens. I often love to watch ravens and other birds at my bird feeder and in the branches of the trees in my garden. I love the feel of the natural world and try and get the movement of the birds flying through the air and landing on branches.

Tony Ventouris: Right now in the studio, I'm working on various photo and video projects that are actually going to coincide with a major music release soon to be announced. So stay tuned!

What do you hope to communicate with your work?

Cecelia M. Laurendeau: My paintings as with my photography are all centered around nature. To me, there's no better way to communicate a sense of belonging, present such incredible beauty than to be immersed in our natural landscape.

Elizabeth Davison: I often use color to express my feelings about being out in nature, whether it's the excitement of a beautiful fall day and the trees change the leaves changing colors or whether it's the calm, peaceful feeling of being at a by a lake on a calm day. I like to use colors of many types to get across these feelings.

Tony Ventouris: So with my work I like to communicate the beauty of the world around us. The magic of light and shadow come together and we can share our own experience with others. And that's what really brings me to photography.

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