Community Stories: Kate

February 19, 2021

Kate shares why she loves Martha Stoumen Wines.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kate

What was the first time a natural wine blew your mind?

Kate: Hi. I've been a fan of Martha Stoumen's wines for a long time. And I think that the first time I was introduced to natural wine, a friend of mine who worked in the restaurant industry shared a Georgian orange wine with me and, described it as mushroomy. And I remember being so surprised that a wine could hold that kind of complexity And, you know, be funky and And I really appreciate Martha Stoumen's wines because she has such an accessibility and, both the reverence for the craft and has very clearly studied and kind of gone deep into what it means to be a winemaker and then also, I feel that her wines are so accessible and fun, And you want to drink them And you want to share them and you wanna bring them to a party and have everyone partake. One of my favorite moments that Martha described a wine to me as tasting like otter pops, and I remember it was that moment that I was like, Oh my God, I love this woman and I love these wines and thank goodness for that unfussiness and that appreciation and also just, like drink it and try it and it's made for enjoyment. So thank you, Martha, for making wine that it's both, totally unexpected and on the edge and rooted in a lot of ethics that I can get behind, and also, I really want a drink.

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