Martha Stoumen Wines

April 24, 2020

Owner and marketing manager at Martha Stoumen Wines discuss how video testimonials help them connect with their community online. They describe Vocal Video as quick, easy, and effective.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Martha Stoumen, Owner, Martha Stoumen Wines. Lorren Butterwick, Sales and Marketing Manager, Martha Stoumen Wines

Why are testimonial videos important to your business?

Martha Stoumen: No one wants to hear directly from the winery itself that their product is great. It's not a believable story.

Martha Stoumen: Wine criticism has become more egalitarian, and it's come from the customers themselves. Vocal Video is just a really great way to capture that.

Lorren Butterwick: We are a small winery that really values authenticity and bringing people together. Yet we do not have a brick and mortar tasting room, and most of our sales happen online. Because of this, we're continually searching for ways to foster online community and engage with them in deeper, more meaningful ways. And these testimonial videos do just that for us.

If you had to describe Vocal Video in one or two sentences, what would you say?

Lorren Butterwick: Vocal Video is a unique new platform that allows businesses to gather authentic and comprehensive feedback from their customers in the form of personal videos. Thes videos can then be repurposed as a powerful marketing and customer success tool.

Martha Stoumen: Vocal Video is quick, easy and effective.

How are you using Vocal Video?

Lorren Butterwick: We're using it (Vocal Video) for product or wine reviews that can then be shared with other direct to consumer customers, retailers or distributors. It's kind of like crowdfunding tasting notes, if you will. We're also using it as a tool to ask questions and learn more about our customers so we can strategize ways to engage with them more deeply and more effectively. We plan to share the videos on our website, on social media platforms and in our newsletters.

How does video help Martha Stoumen Wines connect with your audience?

Martha Stoumen: Very seldomly do people just buy a bottle of wine and not expect some sort of experience around that wine.

Martha Stoumen: Vocal Video has allowed us to connect more intimately with our customers because they can give us direct feedback.

Lorren Butterwick: Vocal Video helps us connect with our community on multiple channels, specifically on our website and on social media. I am the most excited to have product review videos linked to all of our wines that potential customers can watch and then get to know the wine before purchasing.

Would you recommend others try Vocal Video? Why?

Lorren Butterwick: I would most definitely recommend Vocal Video to others. It is such a powerful tool to share and gather important information from customers and then to use that information for marketing and other business development.

Martha Stoumen: Yes, I would absolutely recommend Vocal Video to others.

Martha Stoumen: It's light years ahead in terms of testimony building.

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