Community Love

February 19, 2021

Martha Stoumen Wines customers on what they love about the wine - delicious, fun, natural and unintimidating.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Lauren June. Patrick. Suzy. Drew. Kate

What intrigued you about Martha Stoumen Wines?

Kate: I feel that her wines are so accessible and so fun and you want to drink them, and you want to share them, and you want to bring them to a party and have everyone partake.

Suzy: I have to say it, it is just refreshing and wonderful to have a wine that changes everyone's views about wine. Wine doesn't have to be snobby. It doesn't have to be overly complex. It should be fun and approachable and something that you can share with family.

Drew: I had a wine party coming up that I knew there was going to be a lot of geeky wine people attending so I picked up a bottle. It was a Mendocino County Carignan. That wine ended up being quite a hit at the party, and I remember it was getting drunk so fast.

Lauren June: And I loved it. It was like my unicorn wine, just in terms of, body minerality, acidity. It was everything I asked for. So immediately came home and ordered the Post Fliration two-pack because I figured if the white was that good, the red would not let me down. And it did not.

Patrick: How fun it seems that you have a hand in every aspect of the process. So keep experimenting and having fun because I really enjoy it. Thanks.

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