Kelly Gourley for MakeMyMove Video Testimonials

January 10, 2023

Hear Kelly talk about opening a state-of-the-art gym in a historic building in Lincoln County, Kansas! A space you'll enjoy for free for one-year if you make your move!

Video Transcript

Introduce yourself (your name, where you're from, what you do)

Hi, my name is Kelly Gourley, I am the Economic Development Director for Lincoln County Kansas and I just thought I would send you a quick hello and introduce you to myself in a little project that I've been working on here. Um I am a native Kansan but I lived a good chunk of my career away from here um with a lot of it being in Michigan and when I moved back, I wanna move to Lincoln to be closer to family. Uh one thing that I really missed was having a gym and so in my economic development role and talking to a lot of property owners about fixing up their buildings and downtown revitalization work, I drank my own kool aid and I decided I was gonna, this is something I was gonna do myself, so I bought an old building downtown um and I decided to open a gym uh when I was in Michigan, I really missed having access to a gym and that's something that we didn't have here and a lot of people have talked about, this is something that we need, um had a lot of community meetings about how do we open some sort of gym or wellness center, um you know, all that kind of stuff and nothing just really seemed to take hold um and then I bought my own old building and I decided I'm gonna do a project of my own and I started thinking about the gym idea came up with the business plan and here we are. So in August of 2022 I had the grand opening and September, excuse me, August was the soft opening. September was the grand opening and it's been going really well since then you kind of get a little bit of a sneak peek behind me um of what the gym is like um, and some of the equipment that we have um, but basically as a welcome to Lincoln County and um, something to kind of help you feel uh, like you can meet people and, and be a part of the community. I'm offering a one year membership for free if you move here because again, I feel like this is something that it's, it's an amenity that people need, that people want. Um, and you know, it's something that I feel like in bigger cities you have easy access to and it's something that in a small town, um, I want to make sure that we have that same amenity and not only the same, um any amenity but in kind of a really cool historic place. So anyway, uh, welcome to Lincoln County. If you have any questions by all means, feel free to give me a call

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