Whitney Testimonial

September 19, 2022

Video Transcript

What were you struggling with before trying Majka?

Hi, my name is Whitney Hourani and I am new to the Majka community to give you a back story as to how I got here. I recently had my third child in August 10 and unfortunately my labor and recovery with this child were a bit difficult for me. Um I was having blood pressure issues dropping to 40/20 and has continued into my postpartum. I've had every test done and every result came back beautifully. There was truly no reason why this was happening to me. So I decided I needed to do something for myself at home and I needed to start with nutrition. I was looking for something that helped me sleep because I had anxiety so I wasn't sleeping which made my physical issues even worse and I was also looking for something nutritious that was safe for baby because a lot of the protein blends I was finding were safe for mom but not if you're breastfeeding. I stumbled upon Majka and they're green vanilla protein blend. So I read the reviews, read the ingredients in the community behind it. It was real breastfeeding moms with ingredients that I understood. So immediately put it in my cart and then I saw their lactation supplement was a chai flavor and I put that in my card immediately to and checked out. I went back to the site and I decided within five minutes I was back on this site and found the magnesium blend for distress and digest and I thought you know, maybe this is going to help me sleep and maybe it'll help me even if I'm not sleeping all night? Get me that two hours between feedings that I need in order to be a functioning mom for not just the newborn but the rest of my family. The day I got that blend I took it and I did not end up in tears after the toddler and newborn took turns waking up every other hour, woke up at five for the rest of the day and I handled the day with patience and grace and it has continued to fuel my body and help me sleep and give me that peace of mind since the day I got it and it's been about a week and a half now. So I was very happy to find everything I needed under one company. It's made by moms for moms and I don't think there's anything more important than that than women who understand what the journey is and what you need to function and be a mom a present mom, a healthy present mom and the community behind it is amazing. I'm not just talking about an instagram community. They have facebook challenges, facebook groups where these moms support each other every step of the way you drink a glass of water today. You have someone cheering for you, you had breakfast good for you because a lot of mom don't do that and these moms are killing it with their support for each other. So I really recommend going on the site looking at your issues. Are you postpartum, are you pregnant? Is this breastfeeding thing? They have different categories depending on what stage you're on. I highly recommend it. It hasn't made such a difference in my life and it has brought me a peace of mind for someone suffering physically. Um I feel like I can take care of my family now because of this product and that's a very big deal to me. So I highly suggest it.

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