Allyson for Majka Mama Testimonials

February 18, 2022

Allyson talk about how Majka Hair Recovery helped with her confidence and overall well being :)

Video Transcript

Speaker: Allyson

What were you struggling with before trying Majka?

Allyson: Before I even heard of Majka, I was not myself, I was experiencing so much hair thinning, even hair loss around my temples. My confidence was at an all time low, but also my energy. I just didn't feel like myself. I didn't feel like I was really operating at 100% and I felt like there were parts of my life that were suffering my energy, sleep confidence all were really at risk.

What made you decide to try Majka?

Allyson: Yeah, being a beauty junkie myself, ingredients are such a big factor in really what makes me decide on trying these supplements or protein powders and the ingredients and more specifically the postpartum hair loss capsules really intrigued me. I was so impressed. There were no other supplements that even compared to Majka and I was so excited to try it, and I found that it was really easy for me to stay consistent because I was seeing results quite quickly within the first couple of months.

What do you love most about us?

Allyson: One of my favorite things that Majka does is really inform and provide a lot of education, not only in their email newsletters but on social media. I absolutely love reading the blogs and also having some expert insights to kind of hone in on more specifics about how I can actually balance my concern and my life being a new mom. Um, and I found that the resources with Majka and the community has been so incredible and so supportive through this whole process. So I know I'm not alone.

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