Rockwell & Rachel Rice for Real Estate Testimonials

May 05, 2022

Rockwell & Rachel Rice share their experience working with real estate agent Ann Raschein and the Mad City Dream Homes team.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rockwell & Rachel Rice

How was your experience working with your agent?

Rockwell & Rachel Rice: Working with Ann was great. She really got to know what we were looking for in a house and helped us find something that actually exceeded our expectations. And we looked at many, many different homes. She was excellent the whole time.

What challenges did our team help you overcome in your buying and/or selling journey?

Rockwell & Rachel Rice: Well, I think one of the biggest challenges was just how fast the market is moving. We were made aware of listings right away and Ann was incredibly flexible, taking us to listings on Friday nights, Saturday mornings. And because she was so flexible, we were able to get our offers in right away. And so sellers could see our offers and then make that determination.

Why would you recommend working with Mad City Dream Homes to buy or sell a home?

Rockwell & Rachel Rice: Our experience working with Ann was was excellent. We looked at many different homes before we found the right one for us and she showed up every single time with the same attention to detail, the same commitment to helping us find the right house for us. She knew what we were looking for and she was always able to point out things she thought we'd like or things that maybe she knew we might not like based on our tastes. So I think we wouldn't have really been able to imagine a better experience, like we couldn't recommend working with Ann highly enough. Another benefit of Mad City Dream Homes is that they have a stager named Debbie, and Debbie along with Ann were huge help in getting our house ready for sale. And because of them, we were able to get a couple of offers on the house.

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