Client Testimonial: Joel

January 13, 2022

Joel shares his experience working with real estate agent Alan Feder and the Mad City Dream Homes team.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Joel

How was your experience working with your agent?

Joel: Hi, my experience with Alan has been exceptional. I have known Alan for about four years now, and he has helped me buy and sell multiple homes. And there's doing things right and doing the right thing. And Alan has done a fantastic job in keeping me in check, and letting me know when there's great opportunities in front of me that I should take advantage of.

How did our team help you overcome challenges in your buying journey?

Joel: There were several challenges we faced in regards to the value of the home and the improvements that needed to be done to get the home up to what we felt was acceptable. So Alan did a fantastic job in advocating for me and advocating for the improvements to be the cost of the improvements to be a reduction in the price of the home.

Joel: Just as Alan is extremely talented in the area of buying and selling property, he also has established an enormous network of people, so he was able to quickly put us in touch with the right people who could give us a fair value of the cost of repairs that served as great evidence for us to then present to the seller for a reduction of the purchase price of the house.

Why would you recommend working with your agent and Mad City Dream Homes to buy or sell a home?

Joel: I've gotten to know Alan over the past four years now, and not only on a professional level of buying and selling my multiple houses, but also on a personal level, we've become friends through all those transactions of the houses. But just getting to know Alan, he likes to surround himself with like-kinded and like-minded people. So I feel that what I've seen of Alan on a professional level, best represents the people he works with at Mad City Dream Homes. So I know my experience that I had with Alan is not unique in that the people at Mad City Dream Homes would represent any buyer and seller as good as Alan has as well.

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