Client Testimonial: Charissa Sturino

September 24, 2021

Charissa Sturino shares her experience working with real estate agent Shelley Lazzareschi and the Mad City Dream Homes team.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Charissa Sturino

Why would you recommend working with Mad City Dream Homes to buy or sell a home?

Charissa Sturino: I would absolutely recommend Mad City Dream Homes to both buy and to sell your home. We did both, and it was an incredibly easy process on both sides. I have worked with numerous realtors in numerous states, and I would tell you the number one reason that I would recommend Shelley and Mad City Dream Homes is that they are absolute professionals. They will give you a white-glove five-star experience where everything is taken care of for you. They understand the process from A to Z, and they know exactly how to overcome any challenges almost before they even happen. So they're solution orientated they're service orientated and they are a true dream to work with.

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