Alex Watterworth's LumiQ Story

December 16, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Alex Watterworth, CFO, Treeline Well Services LP

How would you describe LumiQ to CPAs who've never used it?

Alex Watterworth: The word that I've used to describe LumiQ to CPAs that haven't used it is: slick, seamless integration between both the web browser and in the iPhone App. The platform allows for tracking your metrics to ensure that you're meeting both your annual and tri-annual requirements as well as very quick access to new content, trending content, and very targeted information in order to keep up on those CPD requirements.

How'd you do CPD in the past?

Alex Watterworth: Previously I've been with large organizations that had formal training processes throughout the year that allowed me to meet my CPD requirements. Then moving over to a small organization and having the responsibility, a lot of my shoulders to cultivate my own training meant that I was scouring through various catalogs for content each year in order to make sure they hit my minimum requirement.

What's one word to describe LumiQ?

Alex Watterworth: One word that I would use to describe LumiQ is probably: comprehensive. The breadth of the platform is fantastic. Realizing that I can log in at any point in time and find content that is specific to accounting matters, tax matters or broad reaching into Ethics and AI, Blockchain, business valuations, things like that. It's really empowering to get access to such a variety of content very quickly and easily.

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