Garrett Broussard for Customer Testimonial Videos

August 04, 2022


Video Transcript

Speaker: Garrett Broussard, Technical Supervisor, GKP

What problems did LucidLink help you solve?

Garrett Broussard: lucid link really helped me start up a brand new studio from scratch of ordered macbooks online sent into people's houses in different parts of Los Angeles where all her clothes but even in different states um as someone who's not super I team or software side um it's very easy to um set up a new network and users handle directory restrictions based on users um which people at nDS for which projects we can do all that stuff, even keeping business data separate from everyone else. Um Doing all that without VPNS for people that are kind of just needed to download something and get going and start working on a project and I have to worry about VPNS and helping out with budgets for putting things online and not having to use some of the slower systems out there for upload and share type technologies. Um That was extremely useful. We started diving into amazon cloud computing technologies lucy was really helpful for that. So once the cloud computing got started we was just again really easy to download and get going without having to do a whole lot of network set up. Um And just on a personal level to the people that I work with, they're loose and have always been really helpful in terms of I'm having trouble with a different piece of technology Azure amazon those kind of things that I understand, they've even helped um walk me through those technologies so that I can use loose and Lincoln more places sort of like it helps everybody out technically. Um So yeah very helpful for animation studios getting off the ground. Not having a giant I. T. Team that can go in and set up networks and VPNS and those sorts of things. Um allowing people to go on vacations in different countries, Open up their stuff and it's there as fast as the internet can handle it. Um, Also other systems that are single threaded or have restrictions on directory of lengths or who can get into different finals like loosening makes a lot of that much, much easier. The thing I did not expect was the shared U. R. L. Is extremely useful for us. Um, people just, you have been a slack message, send them the U. R. L. Two a file or the the directory and people click on it and a little simple things like that that are actually helpful. Um, and for me also having the local cache that we can change the size of which is not has come with the upload and share. Um, those sort of things are very helpful for us.

How has your life changed since using LucidLink?

Garrett Broussard: how has my life changed since using, like we started using lucid link, right, when I started at this company? So that for me, not a before and after, but as somebody who's worked at enough different animation studios, the effects to know sort of what I need before I get started, start making projects uh now know that at this company or any company to go to in the future, if they don't already have an existing infrastructure with a large team to keep track of it at all times to know that the network is always gonna be there. Um Even in those places, I'm just gonna pitch using using like just uh pay the monthly cost, have your users just knowing your files are always going to be there, you have your remote setup needed to get started. Um Just changing the way that I view cloud storage and how useful it is for animation production and knowing how accessible it is and how easy it is to get started. Um It really just takes somebody a day to get this stuff going, which is fantastic.

What workflows are new or improved using LucidLink?

Garrett Broussard: what workflows are new or improved. Using lucid, we don't have any nuance necessarily, but improved, we definitely don't have to explain to people VPNS or debug any of the issues where my file is missing or you're not on your VPN, that sort of thing. It's all gone with lucid link, which for me is a huge win, uh improved, I would say the data duplication you get by using cloud service providers. The background is fantastic. Um and the timing lucid mounted for us as a reasonable NFS mount is fantastic. Um, improved the loose in human rights. Actually very helpful. Improve a lot our workflows and yeah, generally just our file sharing is the core of everything we do because we make terabytes and terabytes data and animation. So just knowing it's always gonna be there knowing we can control permissions really easily and knowing that people can work from wherever they need to is a huge improvement for us.

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