Journey to CEO Testimonial Video

December 15, 2022

Video Transcript

So far, can you describe the impact LRP and Journey to CEO has made on your life and career?

how do I explain the impact that L R P Journey to CEO and Lindsay has had on my life? The impact has been truly transformational. Um and it's been transformation from the inside out. My mindset, my heart, my spirit, my needs, my desires, my goals have all shifted from the work that we have done. Lindsay has helped me to understand how to turn my pain into passion, how to align that pain to my God God given purpose and from there now I see with a clear view and I am so very much looking forward to these next steps in my life. The way to explain this work and explain the impact that this has had in my life is almost indescribable. I'm very, very much proud of the progress that I have made, very glad that Lindsay said yes to me and taking a chance on me and even more so I've gone from someone who just knew I needed a change in my life and have now do our work together, have a new, renewed sense of self, a new confidence. I have a strategy to my plan and my goals that I believe God has given to me and even more I am now have a practice in place to where now I'm able to go out and very much looking forward to working with my new clients and so thank you lindsay for the time. in this journey, to Ceo, it has truly made all the difference in my life. Thank you

How would you describe LRP Agency/ Journey to CEO in three words?

LRP Agency in three words is anointed, transformational and irreplaceable.

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