Louis Agent 2 for Agent Talent Candidate

March 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Louis Agent 2

What is your experience in the health and life insurance industry?

Louis Agent 2: Hey, this is Take two. My name is Louis. I don't have any experience in health and life sales as of yet. But I'm interested because other people that I've known have been very successful, they've built their book as they call it, uh, with clients that annually renew their policies from what I understand. And, um, they've been able to build successful careers. They have some guidance for me and I know other people in the industry and thought there'd be a very good opportunity to, to join as an agent to start building my own book and then potentially, um, owning and operating my own agency at some point.

What experience do you have in sales?

Louis Agent 2: I do have some experience in sales as well as business consulting. I've sold enterprise software and data. And so I think that we sell on on a daily basis to whomever we interact with the relationships we have, whether that's a product or service or pitching an idea or selling somebody on coming to an event with you or even coming to your birthday party. Um There's so many instances where we're essentially convincing somebody that this is a good thing for them to do that they would enjoy time spent at this event or that they would get benefit from using this particular product or they just subscribe to a service because it's going to make their lives easier. So, from a sales perspective, I think we all do sales. I have some experience with sales, but not specifically with insurance um at all. So looking forward to it.

Describe the ideal career as an agent and how an agency you work with will support your success.

Louis Agent 2: So I hope to be paired with a top agency that will provide uh some sales and industry experience so that I can kind of hit the ground running. Perhaps there's other agents at that agency that I can learn from, potentially be a mentor to me and in that way can launch me into my career and also potentially being able to provide some marketing materials information that I can easily send or share with clients, whether that's in person or via, via the internet through social media. So just some marketing material perhaps, um I don't know if an agency might provide business cards or, or even leeds, leeds are probably an important thing if I could receive that, that would be very helpful for me to have those opportunities and more swings uh for me to try to get some things out of the park there. Um So other than training marketing and and leads that those will probably be the number, the number one things that an agency can provide me to set me on the right path for, for growth and success.

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