HiBob's review of Lotus Themes for Zendesk

August 05, 2022

Customized Zendesk designs from Lotus Themes are amazing. The quality of service is second to none. If I have a question, I get a response right away. That's what I call service.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Oren Ben-Ami, Head of Product Education, HiBob

What problems did you try to solve with Lotus Themes?

Oren Ben-Ami: Hi, my name is Oren Ben- Ami. I'm the head of product education at HiBob. Now at HiBob, we use Zendesk as our help center system. Zendesk comes with out of the box themes, so it's kind of limited in its capabilities. So we went to Lotus to help us customize a theme for our needs and to give our users a better user experience.

What have you been able to achieve after help center customization?

Oren Ben-Ami: So our in-house product design team created these amazing designs, and Lotus was able to take these designs and implement them in a customized theme that they created for us. But that wasn't enough. We wanted to show specific content to specific users. Now that was our requirement. But we didn't know the solution, and Lotus provided that solution. They told us how to customize Zendesk by using labels, and then they were able to present specific content to specific users based on the configuration.

Why would you recommend our products and services?

Oren Ben-Ami: At my previous company, we used Lotus, and then when I joined HiBob, it was a no brainer. We had to go with Lotus. We know that the customized designs that they provide are amazing. That's a given. But the quality of service is second to none. Anytime I had an issue or question or concern, I'd send them an email and get a response right away. Now, if something was unclear, we'd set up a Zoom call and we make sure that we're on the same page. That's what I call service.

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