Rongjie Lu - JOIN@Home 2021

October 13, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rongjie Lu, Senior Product Manager, Wayfair

What will someone learn from attending your session?

Rongjie Lu: So I'm participating in a panel on data driven cultures and the panelists and I had a lovely discussion on some of the challenges we faced and it was kind of surprising how many of our thoughts and solutions tied back to both similar and different problem areas that we are facing while building these data driven cultures. So I think one of the things that folks can learn from the session is solutions that we found to be especially effective for some of the problem areas that we are facing. And maybe some of these solutions may apply to multiple problem areas as well. But that's for you to find out.

What are you looking forward to most at JOIN@Home 2021?

Rongjie Lu: So what am I looking forward to the most at JOIN 2021? So for this year especially I think the product updates is something that I am very much excited about since Looker has joined the GCP family now, I'm really curious on what direction Looker goes in overall. Um what are the new features and product functionalities that Looker will be prioritizing as well as what the overall GCP synergy might look like as well. So definitely looking forward to that side of things.

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