Client Testimonial Video - Yanzick

April 26, 2024

Loftis retirement solutions client testimonial from Tammy Yanzick in Washington State. Helping families protect themselves from market losses and still allowing them to thrive in retirement.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tammy Yanzick

Please describe a time that Axim Planning & Wealth Management helped you?

Tammy Yanzick: After we bought our house here in Washington, I was receiving several calls every day regarding mortgage insurance. And as soon as I said, we were not interested, they were done. Bret was the only one that asked. Is there anything else that I could possibly help you with? And I said yes and he's been great.

How would you describe Axim Planning & Wealth Management in three words?

Tammy Yanzick: Three words... A True Blessing.

What makes Axim Planning & Wealth different from other companies?

Tammy Yanzick: Bret would always answer my questions. He would do research and get back to me with several options so that I could choose how I wanted to invest my money.

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