Client Testimonial Video - Dave Zilokowski

April 25, 2023

Loftis retirement solutions, client testimonial. Protecting retirement accounts, stop losing money, reduce market loss.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dave Z

Please describe a time that Loftis Retirement Solutions, LLC helped you?

Dave Z: Good afternoon. My name is Dave Zilokowski and I've worked with Bret over the last four years. I'm 67 years old. Uh, I've been around finance all of my career and when I need insight into how to protect my family and myself, I turn to Bret.

How would you describe Loftis Retirement Solutions, LLC in three words?

Dave Z: Yeah, the three words that I would use to describe Bret is number one, he's extremely knowledgeable. Number two, he's phenomenally honest. And number three, he's a lot of fun to work with.

Why is Loftis Retirement Solutions, LLC different from other similar products or services?

Dave Z: Yes. The reason that Bret and his organization is different from other providers you might consider is that he's truly a subject matter expert on protecting your money and retirement planning. Secondly, he has multiple carriers that he can choose from. He's not locked into a single solution or a small handful of solutions. He's extremely resourceful. And last, and I think this is extremely important. I'm 67 years old. I want to work with someone who's going to stay with me and be with me for a long period of time. Bret is young. He's energetic and he's extremely dependable. He'll make a great solution for many of us.

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