Pet Portraits by WW with Whitney Wilkerson - INSTAGRAM (DMV)

February 03, 2022

INSTAGRAM (DMV): Post = Their story snippet (with original soundtrack and subtitles)

Video Transcript

Speakers: Whitney Wilkerson , Artist/Business Owner, Pet Portraits by WW.

Whitney Wilkerson : by unique talent and you know, like create something for these people, these dog people so that they can commemorate their favorite little pet. I've done many memorial pieces, you know, for pets that have passed away, but they're all celebratory, you know. My style is poppy and bright and a little kitschy and I use a lot of floral, but I do my best to bring the personality of the pet into the work and I really am so thankful that this is something that I got to experience this early in my career. It's been really great.

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