Riley Trombley for Customer Testimonial Videos

August 29, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Riley Trombley

Describe how LM FIT has helped you most.

Riley Trombley: LF It has helped me change and break the mold that my parents had set and their parents had set by not putting their health first. Um, I am the first of uh, first generation to be putting my health first, and my kids will soon replicate.

How would you describe LM FIT in three words?

Riley Trombley: I would describe LM FIT as a fun family and supportive.

Why is LM FIT different from other gyms?

Riley Trombley: L. M. Is different, definitely different than other gyms because this is a coach led facility, meaning you're never going to be left behind. Um You're never gonna be left not knowing what to do. So you always have some sort of direction that's gonna be in alignment with where you would want to go.

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