Michelle & Ian Collazo for Customer Testimonial Videos

February 01, 2023

Video Review "Ian and Michelle"

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michelle & Ian Collazo

Will you briefly describe the time when Lisa helped you in real estate?

Michelle & Ian Collazo: Hi, my name is Ian Collazo. Hi, I'm Michelle Collazo and we were so fortunate to work with lisa in buying two homes. She helped us find our first home in Portland and then when we were looking to move out of Portland, she worked with us in finding our second home in the beautiful location and we would not pick anybody else to work with. Yes, she's been great. She's been very helpful, very patient with us and knew the right questions to ask us to help us find the place we're at. Now. I'm thinking back to the time when we were looking for our first house and we, we were looking at one house in particular, we ended up buying it, but I was looking back through emails recently and she was communicating a lot with us about other options where we could look, she went out with us for the day to look at other homes. She was always accessible and that was our very first home buying experience, which I think we have waited a long time to do. It felt kind of scary. Um and she made the process feel very doable the second time around nine years later. Um I was nervous about selling in our area. I we thought it would go well, but you know, there's always some nervousness will the house sell. And she went out of her way to help make that process really smooth. Um She communicated frequently with us. She gave us a great timeline. She came and looked at our current home, helped us really prioritize what we would need to do to get it ready to sell. And then once we did get it ready, um, she went out of her way to um, make sure that it looked perfect for photos, perfect for open house. It was, it was smooth. Yeah, it really went well and we were appreciative of how friendly she has been with us and how accessible and just ready to help us out and yeah, she's very, very much recommended. Go to. Yeah. Thanks.

How would you describe Lisa's Real Estate service in three words?

Michelle & Ian Collazo: One thing I can think of that lisa is, is very personable agreed. She's also um I would say she goes above and beyond. I know that's not one word, it's multiple words, but her accessibility in what can be really stressful situations is notable. And one thing I can think of in terms of being above and beyond was that when we were getting our house ready to sell, um there were a lot of last minute projects and little things to be done um to make it really picture perfect and lisa came over and helped me with that. Um She got to work, she potted flowers for me and made the porch look really pretty and you know, there were just things that I would never have expected a real estate agent to do um that that she did and I really appreciated that about lisa. The other thing I would say is that she's skilled and I think that's an important quality to have in someone who's helping you handle a really big project, like selling a house and then buying another one. We got the timing down. The communication was good. Um There were so many variables and just every piece, every part of the way everything that we did, she walked us through and she's really knowledgeable about her work and that shows

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