Sebastian Pandura for Student Testimonials

February 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sebastian Pandura

What’s your favorite part about Lions Den Performance?

Sebastian Pandura: My favorite part of working with Antony over the last three years is that, well, first he has been my mentor over these three years and has helped me a lot to improve, not as a footballer, but as a person too. And my two favorite things is that he has given me a lot in the details of my position, certain details that like for me makes a big difference. And he has helped me a lot in the psychology as the aspect on working in the like doing journal the cold showers, try to read and do like be doing something positive with the time.

What would you tell other students considering Lions Den Performance?

Sebastian Pandura: I think it's a great idea to get in touch with him because you will learn a lot, a lot from him. He will he will get the best out of you taking the football side, the football side like away. You will learn a lot of like good habits that you will start doing that if you don't like, even if you don't think they're good for you, like they would, you will improve a lot in the football aspect, doing those good habits. And I think that he will take the best out of you because he's always tried always to to do his best in whatever he does and who with whoever he works with.

What makes Lions Den Performance unique?

Sebastian Pandura: I think it makes it really unique because you will work in certain details that you don't learn from other places or from other coaches. And when he teach you those details, he will tell you the why of everything he's not, he will not just give you the information and you need to learn and just because of just because he will tell you the why's and and why, why does this work like that?

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