Jose Juarez for Assembler and Machine Operator Video Job Interviews

March 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jose Juarez

What kind of Assembly/Machine Operator job are you looking for? (Electronic Assembler, Medical Assembler, Machine Operator, Production, etc)

Jose Juarez: Well, currently I'm looking for anything, any position available that neither assembly or mustering operating at the moment. I've done production before and distribution. Sound familiar with shipping, receiving packaging, advertising. I have a couple of years previously in the warehouse. Did we shoot? This is all I can say right now before. So like I feel like it would be an accident pick for this job.

Tell us about your last 2-3 jobs including your job title, length of employment, what you liked about each job and why you left

Jose Juarez: My prayers job. I was an attempt at this other agency where I was an assembly, an assembler and the package there which we're dealing with cabinets. So we would have to ascend them with glue nails depending on the type of cabinet they were doing at the time. Some are just like just um placed in a package box and just unassembled and we just gotta, yeah, prep them for being shipped out and being labeled and packaged before that I was working at affecting our ship. Please pencil in. I was just there for as a temp and just helping out with just, instead of just popping them out, sorry them and just making sure that the area is clean because these metal pieces are literally just flying before that. It was at Nelson's at this other agency, just janitorial sanitation stuff. I was there overnight. Millie and just doing cleaning machinery. Um, the production areas where they produce, um, what's the word protein shakes and like that powder gets everywhere. Places in the machines.

What expertise do you have and how long have you been doing that? (soldering, working under microscope, CNC machine, other machines?)

Jose Juarez: Or like the expertise I bring in is my well established worker. Um If um properly trained I can, I'm gonna do the job occasionally. Pride a little bit of leadership, depending on the department that I'm doing. Just like this one particular job, Mac and Little Mark, I would be helping this employee stacking prototype is I'm not sure what was his thought processes of it, isn't it? But he would literally just like last around and just like they do any work and I'm like, there is going to end up being full. So I'm like, how to take charge even though I'm like kind of a new person there and like, how to do that. No, I did a couple years of work lifting. I had my certified uh license and like that took a while fully you guys and that um I used to get the job done.

Let us know what days and shifts you are available and what pay range you are looking for.

Jose Juarez: Well, currently I liked money shifts the best. I just assumed that we can get all the work done first and properly naked person, like second or third shift for like my journey later in the day in the name, like Mary and Joseph, Anything between like $16 or $18 probably be paid for that. Nothing to.

Any additional thoughts that could help us find the right job for you

Jose Juarez: Like um I'm open to anything trying to anything new and exciting. Like, like the previous child we're gonna have the American would mark, it would usually have me station at different parts in the warehouse, extended them in a similar sense, them just packaging sentence. I'm assisting someone else do their job. Sometimes I'm lifting like these Vegas commits and I'm just trying to see what I can find.

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