JESUS VILLEGAS 2 for Assembler and Machine Operator Video Job Interviews

March 23, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: JESUS VILLEGAS, Machine operating

What kind of Assembly/Machine Operator job are you looking for? (Electronic Assembler, Medical Assembler, Machine Operator, Production, etc)

JESUS VILLEGAS: I am looking for all types of machines. I'm willing to learn a new Type of machine, but for 20 years I've been using cutting machines at print shops, uh folding machines, uh machines that make books, anything to do with printing. Uh I've been in the printing industry for 20 years and I've had hands-on experience with most machines in the printing industries, but I'm willing to learn new machines and I think I have the.

Tell us about your last 2-3 jobs including your job title, length of employment, what you liked about each job and why you left

JESUS VILLEGAS: The last three jobs I had have all been in the printing printing industry. Uh in those three different jobs, I've been able to expand my knowledge of the printing industry. Uh I've always left the job for a better opportunity. Uh But my last job um that I worked for for two years, uh I've learned the most because I was able to put on my experience into one place and it was a small business and it was just me and the boss. So that was a good experience and I was able to gain more knowledge with more machines uh and more operations.

What expertise do you have and how long have you been doing that? (soldering, working under microscope, CNC machine, other machines?)

JESUS VILLEGAS: In the printing industry. I am a pro cutter Uh for more than 20 years. I know the ins and outs of cutting paper for any printing project.

Let us know what days and shifts you are available and what pay range you are looking for.

JESUS VILLEGAS: I'm available for first shift. Uh, ideal shift would be anywhere from four am and up. Um, Uh, in my experience, uh, I'm, I expect anywhere from 20 to $25 per hour.

Any additional thoughts that could help us find the right job for you

JESUS VILLEGAS: In my experience with the workforce, I've been loyal to the printing industry, which I love and I have a passion for, unfortunately, uh it's a dying uh industry and I would like to learn more things, but as far as uh experience, I, I have all kinds of experience in warehouse, not just uh printing a forklift, driving uh shipping. Uh also uh a retail uh I have a lot of experience in that before printing uh driving. Uh um I'm an excellent driver. Um So I'm willing to learn new things and I think I have the agility to learn new things quickly. Uh Thank you.

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