jesus sanchez for LINK Staffing Video Interview - Industrial Staffing

March 23, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: jesus sanchez, machine operator, warhouse load, and unloading

What kind of job are you looking for? (General Labor, order puller, assembler machine operator, forklift operator, shipping & receiving etc)

jesus sanchez: I'm looking for a machine operator and shipping and receiving.

Tell us about your last 2-3 jobs including your job title, length of employment, what you liked about each job and why you left

jesus sanchez: My last job was, um, Welding. I was getting paid under the table so it was in a, a, uh, actual, um, paycheck on payment. But, yeah, I like the job. I was working there for at least 89 years already and the second job was, uh, a faster job. I worked there for a month.

Tell us about any expertise you have (eg forklift, assembly, s&r, degrees or certifications etc) and how long you have had that expertise

jesus sanchez: Well, my expertise is um, we, um, which is cutting, painting, uh, measuring, um, gray, um, using um, like hard on machinery.

Let us know what days and shifts you are available for, your expected pay range, and anything else that will help us find you the right job

jesus sanchez: The war. I'm available all week. Um, any day, any shift doesn't matter. Um, maybe I'm expecting to get paid at least 18 to 20 an hour. Um, yeah.

Any last thoughts that weren't covered in the interview that can help us find the correct position for you

jesus sanchez: I would like to um get a job either in um a warehouse which is, which um community on fedex or U P S um loading, unloading I prefer.

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