Nathan Dobyns for Lincoln Palmer Video Testimonials

January 31, 2024

Asset Recovery- Client Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nathan Dobyns

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your experience working with Lincoln and Global Discoveries.

Nathan Dobyns : Hi. So I was, uh, contacted by Lincoln through my younger brother. I, I'm a hard guy to track down. Um, I live with my wife and two Children in Oklahoma and I'm a disabled vet. So I, I get a lot of contacts from spam and scammers. So I figured this was just another one of them. I really didn't have faith in any of this until I saw that they were spending money to send notaries to my house. Uh, I know that those cost a few $100 to have done especially rural places where I live. Uh, anyway, it took about a year but they did recover an asset that I had in California. And I received a little over $25,000 in actual cash via check recently. And I also had about a $22,000 debt paid off that I still owed in Los Angeles County. So, you know, not only are these guys legit, they're very professional and if you get contacted by Lincoln, you know, thank your lucky stars.

Would you recommend working with Lincoln to others?

Nathan Dobyns : I would highly recommend working with Lincoln or any of his team. Um Not only were they very professional with me, but it did make me feel comfortable that they always covered all costs, never took a penny from me during the whole time that I worked with them. Um And it just made me feel comfortable, you know, like I stated in another video, I am a disabled veteran. So unfortunately, we are a segment of the population that is taking advantage of a lot um by scams in particular. So, uh these guys are 100% legit, they'll never ask you for money. Um In fact, they'll, they'll only pay you. They, they've changed my life. So I 100% would recommend them for uh asset recovery or really anything that they're, they're offering. Thanks Lincoln. Thanks team.

Did Lincoln clearly communicate the opportunity and follow through and deliver as communicated from the beginning?

Nathan Dobyns : Lincoln was always a good communicator and I, anytime I had a question, I did receive a pretty prompt response. Um I did feel comfortable working with him. He was very professional and thorough. He never over promised anything. Actually, he really over delivered on all of it. Uh Just really impressed.

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