Tracy Harwell for Customer Testimonial Videos

March 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tracy Harwell

Why did you choose to get Stem Cell Therapy, and why did you choose Limitless Health & Wellness?

Tracy Harwell: Hi, I did stem cell therapy because I had multiple tears in my foot. I did physical therapy. I wore a walking boot. I did more physical therapy. Nothing helped. The next step was surgery which I really wanted to avoid at all costs. Um, a friend of mine told me about stem cell therapy. He went out of the country to get it, which I did not want to do that. And I started researching and I found limitless health and wellness right here in Chicago and I made an appointment right away.

Describe your experience.

Tracy Harwell: The therapy was fairly simple. I showed up the morning of my appointment, I spoke with the doctor for a little bit about the issues. I had my cells retrieved from some fat in my back. That was quick and painless. About 20 minutes. Then I left and went to lunch and came back and my cells were ready. I got an IV and I also got a few shots in my foot. Then I sent my cells off to a stem cell tissue bank where they could expand and be available for me anytime I might need them in the future.

What are your results so far?

Tracy Harwell: My results so far have been remarkable. Within a couple of days of me getting the therapy, I had zero pain in my foot. I just had a little stiffness but zero pain. Um, and then within about three weeks, I, if I was very strenuous, uh, doing a lot of exercise, I would notice a little bit of pain, but then it would go away immediately as soon as I stopped. And then all of a sudden one day I woke up and I realized that I haven't had any pain in my foot since I, for days. And it's been a month now with absolute zero pain, no matter what it is. I do, I can be physical for 34 hours and zero pain.

Would you recommend stem cell therapy at Limitless Health & Wellness to others?

Tracy Harwell: Right. Yes, I would absolutely recommend limitless health and wellness. There are super nice, super professional. The results have been amazing. Um I would also recommend that you bank your stem cells because once they're banked, it's, it's easy to cure any issues. You might have not to mention that you can get it in your face and it's like a facelift and I'm looking forward to doing that next.

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