Steven Laureto for Customer Testimonial Videos

March 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Steven Laureto

Why did you choose to get Stem Cell Therapy, and why did you choose Limitless Health & Wellness?

Steven Laureto: Well, first off, I just want to talk about stem cell therapy treatment. Um It's an easy treatment, easy, um, procedure as far as the adipose and taking the fat out of the body and then um putting it back into the body and getting the treatment. Uh, it was easy, painless. And uh now let's talk about as far as what it did, right? I had a lot of pain in my left arm, lower back and my feet, these injections have been nothing but a miracle as far as keeping my inflammation down, my pain down, uh been getting great use out of these areas that I couldn't get use out of them before. So very happy with the doctors here and limitless wellness. Uh It's nothing but professionalism there and uh Dr Chris Dr Shroff did an incredible job, took care of me the right way and I look forward to a few more treatments as well this year. So I just wanna thank you guys again and I recommend this treatment for anybody.

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