Joanne Kulaga for Customer Testimonial Videos

March 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Joanne Kulaga

Why did you choose to get Stem Cell Therapy, and why did you choose Limitless Health & Wellness?

Joanne Kulaga: We chose to get stem cell therapy for my husband because he had suffered a brain injury. And we had heard a lot of great successful stories based on groups that are online for brain injuries that this is very cutting edge and can help tremendously. The patients and the patient can then show great progress throughout the whole process through the whole treatments along with other therapies that they may be doing as well. And we had personal friends that had tried stem cell therapy and they had great success. So it has always been in the back of our minds to try to do this. And we are so thankful that we've been able to start the process. And how we found out about Limitless was because my husband is going to Supreme Wellness in Park Ridge. And the two individuals Steven Dominica that are running uh the Wellness Clinic. They highly recommended us to come to Limitless. And for that, we are forever grateful.

Describe your experience.

Joanne Kulaga: Our experience at Limitless has been phenomenal. We first got in touch with Mr John Lee, who's been such a wonderful motivating inspirational person in our journey with getting stem cells and overall, in the whole journey for my husband and I um John and his staff, they have been great. Uh they're very uh patient, they're great at educating uh you on the process um and are willing to answer any questions that you have. Um and also just keeping in touch with us um um marks progress and also um you know, being there um anytime we need um you know, to ask them any questions or get any advice and to share Mark's progress, uh Mr John Lee, you know, he's very excited about working with my husband. And every time that we send him an update on my husband, he is very, very excited to hear about it and receives, you know, the information that we give them very well. Um And we feel very blessed and again, just so grateful beyond words that we're able to have this experience and the fact that we're able to do it now um as time is always of the essence. And, um, we just, you know, still are in awe that we've been able to start this process with the stem cell therapy.

What are your results so far?

Joanne Kulaga: My husband, Mark has already made significant progress from just the first treatment of stem cell therapy, which was less than a month ago. Uh We started seeing uh results in progress within a couple of days, especially with my husband's cognitive abilities. Uh in regards to communicating, um he is able to articulate better his words to make them more understandable as he has dis arthur area. His vocabulary has been expanding every day. Um and just, you know, even just having more and more inflection in his voice um for conversations also, um in regards to his speech, um you know, he's able to make sounds that he hasn't been able to make in almost three years now, for example, his S S and S H S and his T S and his P S. Um So it's been great um to see this progress with my husband. Uh in addition to the speech and cognitive progress, he has also made significant progress with his walking. Um He just started being able to take steps with his right leg unassisted and that has taken three years to accomplish that. And from that, my husband, he feels more confident he's more motivated. Um, and you can see that and his therapies that he attends, uh, five days a week also, um, at home, his activities of daily living are getting less burdensome on me, meaning that he's able to do more on his own and then I can do less for him. And that gives him more of a sense of independence and almost every day or at least every few days, there's more and more progress and it's just great to see this. Our only regret is that we didn't do the stem cell therapy sooner. Um But we feel like we are on the right path and that everything happens for a reason and the timing was supposed to be now. Um I feel because we were able to meet such great people um during this process, especially Mr John Lee. And it's just been uh really, really uh gratifying to see all this progress happening before our eyes. And also Mark is seeing the progress, which is the most important thing. So we are just very, very grateful.

Would you recommend stem cell therapy at Limitless Health & Wellness to others?

Joanne Kulaga: We would certainly recommend limitless health and wellness for stem cell therapy to everyone and anyone. And we actually have been uh telling our close family, um, and friends um about stem cell therapy along with all the people that we've met along Mark's journey, who have similar journeys to us and just making them aware that stem cell therapy, you know, is available and it's getting more and more easier to access and, you know, hoping that, you know, more and more people will, Um consider, you know, doing this for themselves and their loved ones. So we 110% recommend limitless health and wellness for anyone and everyone.

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