Progestive Launch- Dr Thomas Staudacher

March 29, 2023

Dr Thomas Staudacher

Video Transcript

Please share a bit about your medical practice.

Hello, my name is Thomas. I'm CEO and founder of Subtle Energy Solution. I have developed a new kind of relaxation therapy uh with automatics and sound wave patterns. And I would like to talk with you about Mrs M. Uh she was looking for many years for relief of anxiety and severe constipation. And after um doing your whole evaluation and everything, and I put it on my usual programs that involved twice a week during the relaxation programs with my uh thematic resonance beds and also introduced the nutritional products from Life farm and specifically high dosages of protest. It also means not only one tablet a day. So uh 12346 for one week, six uh protest IBS uh two in the morning to at midday and two at night. Why she experienced basic constipation her entire life over 50 years. And that needed after my evaluation was mainly based on absolutely just her anxiety where she had a severe trauma as a child. And I must really say an amazing part of it was after only three or four treatments. After three or 4 weeks, she was absolutely shocked as well, but she has never experienced to go back, basically, ever dated a toilet. That was absolutely amazing. And she was not the only case it went so quick. I had many of those, you know, including other people with severe diarrhea after choosing the protective, uh, come back within a week back, uh, gave normal stool everything. And I just looking at the ingredients in this product, I'm sure you have seen enough, uh, in the slides And uh yeah, I just wanted to tell the people how important it is uh protect this on a regular basis. And then after it stood on with, she went daily to the toilet and everything, she still continued to take one a day and constipation still is not, did not come back on her anxiety level. Very choose basically were gone after just four or five weeks completely, you know, and she was really happy about it. And I have many cases like this and uh what I really like on this product as well. There's a certain uh bacteria in there that removes heavy metals and that is a big indication, especially for people with severe anxiety. And I call it a medical product. Anyway, why the reason is there's three products I'm usually getting in Australia need to buy three different bottles to get the ingredients in my people really appreciating. They don't have to buy so many bottles and in the combination with a live farm as a bit feminine works just absolutely amazing and I just wanted to let you know about that. Thank you. Bye.

Please share why you recommend Progestive?

Hello, my name is Thomas. I'm from Brisbane. I'm the CEO and founder of Subtle Energy Solution. I would like to talk with you about the product protested today and how positively impacts my clients here. But I'm using it basically with all my clients, including the laminate. I would like to go with you to talk about Mrs M. She came into my clinic. She had came in with a complaint, severe constipation and severe anxiety after I've done my evaluation with her and case history found actually out she had conservation since she was a child caused by trauma. Afterwards. He started And the last 10 years and she's over 50. Now, the anxiety level really started to increase as well as really started to concern her. She went to doctors to everything and nothing basically was able to help her, especially with anxiety. And I have voted in on my usually program for anxiety on my thematic resonance beds. And uh after only three weeks was after only three weeks. Yes, I think about three weeks. Uh she hasn't had any constipation anymore. It was the first time since she was a child, she went extra regularly. On to the toilet every day twice. And she was completely confused. And I said, well, That's more than good anyway, but usually the usual programs for something like this when someone has constipation for over 2030 years or longer, uh, it takes much longer, the bowel needs to be retrained, but it has just shown how trauma can affect our physical body and gives it its symptoms for constipation as well. Anyway, after six weeks, her anxiety level went completely down as well. She felt much more energetic, more energy, everything she came them for a while still once a month for the clinic for pop up. And she's now after all this time, still on the bullocks and especially about chest eaves and she has, I think, done further testings as well for the heavy metals. But this is always a cause for anxiety in my experience. And what I really like on the product is the mosquitoes coagulants. What's in these products as well is actually known to remove heavy metals. And that is absolutely was fantastic and it's not only worked on her, it worked on basically all my clients with constipation as well. And uh they were all surprised how quick, you know, the barr movement went back to normal, especially even when they had diarrhea, it took only a couple of days and people there were continuously on it, the symptoms never came back. And uh this, I just wanted to share with you today? Yeah. Have a nice day. Bye.

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