Liberty STEAM Possip Academy

October 25, 2022

Video Transcript

How are your peers leading and making decisions using the routine flow of family, staff and student feedback?

Dr. Trevor Ivey from Liberty STEAM Charter School shares his experience.

Um, We have, our Academic Counselor teem owns Possip, so it's part of their evaluation that's everybody shares the 85% family engagement satisfaction goal. But our Academic Counselors oversee the process, and so, they have really stepped up to own a more refined process this year. And so when we get our report we usually are Possip goes out on a Thursday we get our report on a Monday, and within 72 hours we have to have a Possip council meeting and it's just an understanding that it has to happen. So, usually the morning after we get the report in uh the A. C. Team has already disseminated the reports to us for us to read on our own. Uh We have a standing rule that you need a calendar 30 minutes to read Possip reports so that you can come to Possip council ready to talk about uh your glows and grows. But the A. C. Team puts together this uh rework presentation if you will before Possip council actually convenes. So if Possip council runs like it's supposed to count run, it should only be a 30 minute meeting. We can talk all day long about the naysayers and all the positive things that are going on. But what we want to take action on is like who needs a follow up. And so it is an understanding that the A. Cs Have a um they go through the Ys, the Ms and the Ns, and so any parent that answered M or N, they get an automatic follow up within 72 hours. And, and so it's a general question that the parents get on the phone. Hey, we saw that you answered mostly that you had a positive experience last two weeks. What can we do to move you from mostly to a yes next time. And so we give some really good feedback, right? Uh, for example, one just like trigger happy on the phone, child got in trouble. Child had a severe consequence assigned to him and dad was really upset. So you know, he gave us an N and he said, I apologize. I just was, you know, really upset. But what I like is that when this meeting starts, this is done within the first five minutes. We know that everybody who's already answered M or N has gotten a follow up and the additional follow up action that needs to be taken. Um, it's taken, um, for the meeting that we spend our time on is who is going to own the action steps for the trends.

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