Tiffany Ortiz's Experience With Lever & Ecker

January 09, 2024

Tiffany Ortiz shares her experience with Lever & Ecker, PLLC and her appreciation for the firm.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tiffany Ortiz

Please introduce yourself and tell us why you chose Lever & Ecker to represent you.

Tiffany Ortiz: Hi, my name is Tiffany. I chose Lever & Ecker once I found them through Google. I did my initial consultation with them and I found them to be professional and I had a really good experience with them from the first phone call and they were actually there for me from day one that I was having a difficult time with my situation. They definitely made it much easier for me to cope.

Why is Lever Ecker different from other personal injury firms?

Tiffany Ortiz: I feel what makes Lever & Ecker different from other law firms is their professionalism. They're very caring, very patient. They take their time with you as a client. They're very respectable and they make sure that they go above and beyond to make sure that they take care of all of your needs related to your case and they keep you in contact and up to date with everything that's going on. And I really appreciated that about them.

What advice would you give someone who needs an attorney?

Tiffany Ortiz: If I could give advice to someone who's in need of an attorney, I would let them know that most importantly, they should find a law firm that takes their case seriously, that is going to take the time needed to care for their case and to find someone that makes them feel comfortable and helps them understand everything that's going on with their case. And I feel that in all aspects, Lever & Ecker does cover all of those characteristics. So I would definitely refer anyone to Lever & Ecker.

Is there anything else you care to share about your experience with Lever & Ecker?

Tiffany Ortiz: My case turned out to be better than what I anticipated it would be. And despite a lot of the natural stressors that can come with the case, they definitely helped make everything a lot easier for me to process. And I would definitely return to them if I ever needed to. So I really appreciated Lever & Ecker and I'm glad I work with them.

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