Ilana Arbeit Shares Her Lever & Ecker Experience

December 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ilana Arbeit

Please introduce yourself and tell us why you chose Lever & Ecker to represent you.

Ilana Arbeit: Hi, my name is Ilana and I chose Lever & Ecker to represent me because I knew that I had a long road ahead to recovery and on the journey after my accident and I needed somebody who would be by my side and support me through the process and take the heavy lifting off of my shoulders so that I could focus on just getting better and getting back to my normal life.

Who at Lever & Ecker handled your case and what did you appreciate most about them?

Ilana Arbeit: David Lever handled my case. And the thing that I appreciated the most about him is that any time he would call me, the first thing he would ask is how I was feeling. He legitimately cared about my recovery and about my life. And it wasn't just about the case that he was managing. He took the time to know my family. He took the time to know my life and I really felt like I was talking to a friend any time I spoke to him.

Why is Lever Ecker different from other personal injury firms?

Ilana Arbeit: Lever & Ecker is different from other personal injury firms because it really felt like I was speaking to my own family and not just a random law firm that was trying to get through my case and move on to the next one. Every single person that I spoke to there, whether they were directly involved in my case or not knew who I was, spoke to me with compassion and care, and really took the time to make sure that whatever it was that I needed was addressed.

Is there anything else you care to share about your experience with Lever & Ecker?

Ilana Arbeit: Throughout the process of my case with Lever & Ecker, there were a lot of decisions that had to be made and I really felt like the team over there did a great job of explaining what the options were and listening to my wishes in terms of which direction to go in. I felt like they gave me the best possible advice. They obviously have more experience in these areas than I did. But ultimately, they listened to what I wanted and really tried to honor my wishes and my intent. It felt like I was dealing with a family member because it didn't just feel like I was another file number in their file cabinet. It felt like they were legitimately listening and caring and wanted the best outcome because it would be the best outcome for me, not because it would be another win that they could just put on their numbers.

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