George Gomez's Experience with Lever & Ecker

January 15, 2024

George Gomez expresses his appreciation for Lever & Ecker's legal representation after his wife had suffered a car accident that unfortunately he had to witness.

Video Transcript

Speaker: George Gomez

George Gomez: Hi, my name is George Gomez. My wife Emily and myself decided to contact Lever & Ecker as my wife had suffered a car accident that unfortunately I had to witness

Who at Lever & Ecker handled your case and what did you appreciate most about them?

George Gomez: My wife and I had the pleasure to work with David Lever, Adam Weiss, Geraldine. And you know, ultimately we did work or had had some level of interaction with multiple of the staff at Lever & Ecker. And I think the thing that we appreciated most about the staff was just really the genuineness of the care, the professionalism, that pretty much, you know, they all demonstrated top down.

How would you describe Lever & Ecker in three words?

George Gomez: If I had to describe Lever & Ecker, in three words, I would use the three P'S which is that they were professional, passionate, and really perseverant. You know, you everyone really from the attorneys all the way down, you know, through the paralegals, even, you know, the clerks, the secretaries, the manager, they all were professional, you know, you genuinely felt that they care, they were really passionate about the services that they were providing. And ultimately, you know, I think that as it relates to the attorneys, they were really, you know, they really saw the case through, you know, everything from conception to really close out of the case, really persevering in terms of getting the outcome that you know, that we needed or that was desired.

How would you describe your experience with Lever & Ecker?

George Gomez: I guess what I would share about the experience is that, you know, it wasn't easy, you know, dealing with the accident, that, that my wife had suffered. But I guess what was great about the experience working with Lever & Ecker was that any time we had a question, any time we needed support, any time we needed an update, I mean, they were just really, really on top of things. And I think for us that was extremely comforting, and extremely supportive, it just really put us at ease. And, I think that's what just, you know, made the, the experience so much smoother and easier to deal with, because it, because it wasn't, you know, an easy thing to deal with for sure.

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