Triva Taylor - Lendio Spotlight

February 14, 2023

Account Development Rep - Utah

Video Transcript

Speakers: Triva Taylor, ADR

Who/What has been your biggest inspiration in your life?

Triva Taylor: Let me start off by saying what an honor and privilege it is to be chosen as one of the employees to be in the spotlight for the month of february one of my biggest life inspirations and um biggest drives that keep me going in life are my kids, my beautiful, beautiful kids. Most parents will say that, but my kids actually as a single mom, put things in perspective for me, Pick me up when I'm down, put me back on track when I needed, and so in 2000 I coded blue and died and they were my driving force for wanting to even fight to be here in life. So I would say my kids are my biggest inspiration.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Triva Taylor: What does black History month mean to me? Well, that answer is not a simple answer. As the question posed. Black History Month. For me, it comes in two fold So as a kid, I loved Black History Month because it spotlighted people who look like me, who lived life like me, and it allowed me to feel special among my peers and highlight the contributions that people who looked like me brought to society. As an adult growing up, I graduated from Berkeley, a really good, diverse community and it was intentional for me to go to Berkeley where I could expose myself and allow myself to grow. and so Black History Month as an adult, it's a month for me to share values and monumental strides that people of my culture are bringing to the table, have brought to the table in the past and are building for the future, to be able to help younger minorities coming along in society. Every part of Black History month is building for a greater future. So that's what Black History Month means to me

What quote or lesson would you like to share with us?

Triva Taylor: And if I had to share a quote, one of my favorite lessons or quotes that I even applied to myself is Nothing that is meant for you, will ever ever pass you by. It may not be on your timing, it may not be when you think you should have it but nothing that is ever meant for you will pass you by. I applied at Lendio three times! The first time I applied it was like Okay, a bunch of people are going to Lendio I wanna go! I don't even know what Lendio was about, I just know that it was a good place to be Denied. A second time I applied I was like oh yeah I know I'm gonna get in there but in my mind I thought it's so hard to get into that place, I'm not getting in there and I didn't. Third time, Ready. Had more knowledge under my belt, had a better attitude, I feel like, had grown and the door just opened up. So with that being said you're seeing me because you're meant to, I was meant to be here, we were meant to cross paths so nothing that is for you will ever pass you by and if it does it's usually a blessing

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