Lynn Simpson - Preface Cosmetics

October 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lynn Simpson, Owner, Preface Cosmetics

Tell us about your small business and why you started it!

Lynn Simpson: Hi, my name is Lynn Simpson. I have been a makeup artist for about 20 years and I started a new small business creating products for my clients. I love giving them something to take home with them that helps them create some effortless glam looks at at home.

Why did you apply for financing with Lendio?

Lynn Simpson: So I'm choosing Lendio to help with a small business loan for my new startup, Preface Cosmetics. I used Lendio in the past for a PPP Loan during Covid, which was a really, you know, scary time for everybody. But their customer service representatives really helped me through the process. I had never applied for anything like that before. Any kind of grants or loans. But in the middle of Covid, obviously as a makeup artist, I was not working at all. So the PPP really helped. So that process went smoothly. The people that I worked with were great, very helpful, Itrusted them and trust Lendio and so I look forward to working with them again with this new business.

What one word would you use to describe your experience with Lendio?

Lynn Simpson: So one word I would use to describe Lendio, I probably used it before is helpful. I felt really taken care of. I felt like the people I worked with were very helpful, really responsive. And because this was such a new venture for me and new experience, it really helped ease my worries and my stress during a really crazy time.

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