Michael Greenaway for Mobile App Feedback

February 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael Greenaway

How did you learn about the Lendio mobile app?

Michael Greenaway: Hello!

Michael Greenaway: I learned about the mobile app from a friend, decided to download it.

How would you use this app for your business?

Michael Greenaway: I would use this app to track my spending maybe for invoicing. I like how it has, yeah, the working capital built right into the mobile app so I could use it right there in the app to apply for a loan if I need it or working capital line of credit. And I don't have to leave the app and go to the website to apply. And I can track all my spending apply for maybe a credit card. So I mean I could use it for a lot of things to help my business.

What would make you use this app again?

Michael Greenaway: Thing that would make me come back to this app is to keep track of my expenses, my spending. Maybe if there was an offer that was there, the way you guys have the taxes integrated to see ways to save on my taxes. Maybe they even file my taxes to send invoices out or make invoices. I mean, there's a lot of options that would make me come back to use this app.

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