Kevin Danner for 5 Star Reviews

June 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kevin Danner, Construction Manager , Brilliant and Dependable Services Inc.

What are you hoping to do with the money you received through Lendio?

Kevin Danner: Hello! I'm Kevin - I'm with Brilliant and Dependable Services. I have a construction company and from time to time we need capital to bridge the gap between when we get paid Also buy more machinery and stuff and keep everybody working. I contacted Lendio and got ahold of Jeremiah AuClaire and he was very good and got me a good product, a good price. I was very impressed with how he handled it. So I'll be using the money to help fund myself until the The Net 30 comes in. So thank you.

Would you come to Lendio again for financing? Why?

Kevin Danner: I would most definitely come to Lendio again for financing and I would definitely use Jeremiah again. Jeremiah was very, very good. He recommended an excellent product for me. He's very knowledgeable with, with what he does and he's very personable as well. I was very impressed with how quickly he managed to get what I needed. And thank you Jeremiah and thank you Lendio!

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