Leigha Lugo - I'm going! Are you?

January 19, 2023

Video Transcript

Leigha Lugo: Hi, I'm Leigha Lugo with Light Era Studios

Why do you go to the American Lighting Association Conference?

Leigha Lugo: I attend the ALA Conference because I love learning more about lighting and there's always a great way to continue the education of lighting, but to also connect with not only the industry, but the lighting family, I think of everyone who comes to ALA as a family member and it's a great opportunity to see them all again.

Tell us a story from a previous conference.

Leigha Lugo: At my first ALA conference in Scottsdale Arizona I had the opportunity to have dinner with a lot of lighting folks and I had come a bit late and they had apparently been introducing themselves and everyone had to sing a song. So when I walked in late they said Leigha, we've all been, talking and introducing ourselves. Now you have to do the same and pick a song to sing. And me, being very gullible, I took their word for it and I burst out singing a Beatles song and of course they all laughed and welcomed me to the table and told me that none of them sang a song,

Lake Tahoe

September 10-12

Leigha Lugo: I'm going, Are you?

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