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November 11, 2022

lego video for school

Video Transcript

Speaker: stenlammertink

What was the problem you were struggling with and why?

stenlammertink: I couldn't really find the right fit for my Children regarding their toys. It wasn't really, I wasn't really sure where and what to buy them. Uh, and I fail you the playing time with my Children, but also want them to get something out of it by playing with their toys, assimilating and developing their creative creativity and learn something about the world. I also value you that they sparked their imagination while playing with their toys. Um, many, many ways of describing toys, but I really couldn't really find a good fit for my Children because of the large variety of of of toys. Um, It was one big maze and I

How did lego help you with a solution regarding your problem?

stenlammertink: Then I looked on the, on Youtube and so videos about lego from content creators and lego themselves. They described how legos in good uh, toy for kids. Um, after I came in contact with them on Youtube, I started to look for them on the Internet and read about the benefits of lego products for kids. Many websites, as well as lego's own website claimed that lego is learning through creativity and imagination. It was really easy to find the leg website and places to shop. I even got a discount for my first order because of the fact that I was the first time customer. I really liked how well a smooth lego was. Its website was easy to browse through and the variety of products were amazing. I have kids of different ages and it

Why is Lego different from other similar products or services?

stenlammertink: The big difference I experienced with lego is that they were easily findable. Everything went smooth. They are very informative about their products. There's a lot of content to experience lego even though you haven't even bought anything from them yet. Their engagement with our customers really good. They seem to understand what the customer needs and help them by making it easy and accessible. Um I would really love to shop at lego again, sometime, also because I got the discount code that is worth using.

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