Phil Desrosiers for Phil's Testimonial

July 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Phil Desrosiers, Corporate Director , MPN Capital Markets

What challenges were you hoping to solve by working with Learners.ai?

Phil Desrosiers: Hi there, I was looking to solve a pretty big problem within my We didn't have a CRM, we didn't have really any sales automation at all in a in a sales office that that I was hired to to come into. And I recommended that we that we purchased a package for a CRM and knowing that this was going to be an enormous job with all kinds of custom configurations and unique challenges that our niche within within the energy sector provided I needed an integration partner to help customize the crm two to fit our needs that were that were distinct from other sales offices that that I had worked at. So not only did I need to find the right CRM I needed, I need a team of experts who knew the best way to configure it based on challenges that they may not have have come across. So people who were going to be able to problem solve effectively, were going to at times be able to create a custom API Or code that would be able to take a very manual and analog process and convert that into a consistent and automated one

How have Learners helped your RevOps?

Phil Desrosiers: Yeah, so working with Learners where they've really been able to help is to provide certainty and consistency in a very uncertain process and that is bringing a very new and different system to to our sales office. So that system was to was to to digitize and automate processes that were previously done in an analog and manual way. And sometimes even in even in offline fashion, so to bring in a CRM is a huge job and I would not have been able to do it without an integration partner. And learners was fantastic all along the way. to be able to problem solve and to provide expert recommendations and and consulting through the challenges that were coming up and you know, we didn't expect right. And so to have that partner at our side when things were you know, uncertain and difficult was was really really helpful. And so that definitely saved us a lot of time, a lot of aggravation and certainly a lot of money compared to if we did it with ourselves for we had, you know, an integration partner that didn't go above and beyond the way that learners did

What do you like most about Learners and why?

Phil Desrosiers: um yeah, so what I like most about learners, I mean, I certainly like salman and Mohamed's personality. They're, they're fun guys and very much problem solving driven professionals. You know, Salman especially is is very motivated by, a new puzzle, a new challenge to overcome and that's of course really helpful as a, as a client. every week there's new challenges and there's there's new new obstacles that I'm able to present them to and each and every time. Um, it's been really great in uh, you know, helping working together to arrive at a solution that's, that's really best for our company. so what's been really great with learners is is that dependability to be able to go to them with, with challenges and for them to have a solution right? Or if not immediately to think about that problem. And in our next meeting, they would have the answer and the and the path forward right? And so being able to try different things and to work with them on revisions and to have their their expertise to create a custom solution for us has been really, really fantastic

Would you recommend Learners? What would you say to scaling firms considering Learners for their RevOps?

Phil Desrosiers: Yeah, so I would definitely recommend Learners if if you're considering an integration partner and if you're in a firm that that's scaling so for us you know we we signed a two part agreement and halfway through the first half of the of the agreement between us the contract has more than paid for itself in terms of the additional revenue that that we got from from the tools that learners helped build for us. So for us as a sales office especially, you know, booking discovery meetings is really important to have consistent follow through to keep track of things to make sure that you know that we're not missing any opportunities and to move deals through the sales pipeline. That's that's really our our core um in how we how we earn our income right? So for learners to build on that process to to improve upon it saw us growing in ways we really just didn't expect and in a really short period of time we were able to scale our company by really accelerating the things that we do really well and to and to automate or find better ways of doing the things that we were really struggling with. So I would absolutely recommend learners if you're looking for a devops professional integration partner. For us it was it was building a CRM that was going to meet our needs as well as sales automation platform to really take us to the next level and I don't think that we would have been able to do it without without learners.

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