Cynthia LaRue for Cynthia's Testimonial

April 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cynthia LaRue, VP, Marketing, ShipHero

What problem were you hoping to solve by working with Learners.ai?

Cynthia LaRue: The main problems that ShipHero was having with HubSpot with our CRM was that it never really been properly set up. Multiple people had sort of had a hand in it, but no one had really built out a true strategy for what the purpose of HubSpot was. So when I reached out to Learners.ai our main problem was we really, the CRM really was not functional at all. It could not be used for sales pipeline. It could not be used for forecasting. It could not be used for any type of marketing automation automation, data analytics nothing So it really was sort of a dead tool to us. So we had a serious problem because of course, to scale our business and grow our business, we absolutely have to have a functioning CRM for both sales and marketing.

How did Leaners help you solve your challenges?

Cynthia LaRue: Learners helped, helped us solve many of our challenges. First of all, they did a very thorough audit of the current status of HubSpot, which is great for them to come back and show us all the problems that we had. They also came in and they completely changed out all of our properties, all of our objects, They've built out reports, dashboards, they completely overhauled all of our pipelines were unique. We have two lines of business we are a B2B SaaS line of business and we also have a fulfillment business. And so we really had some very unique challenges and they were able to come in and really solve all of our issues um for cells and for marketing and for marketing of course for us, the big one of the big things for us was to be able to track the flow of our funnel of a lead, turning into marketing qualified lead, turning into a sales qualified lead and getting into the pipeline of our sales team then of course turning into their closed opportunity or a lost opportunity and so that was really important for us and they were able to come in and fully solve that problem for us

What do you like most about Learners.ai and why?

Cynthia LaRue: What I absolutely love about learners is their flexibility and their expertise. Um I provided a very thorough written brief for what we needed for this year in, um, but at the end of the day, as the project evolves, um, things change. You uncover problems that you didn't even know that you had, So they were very flexible about making changes and being agile when we said, oh, we thought we wanted this, but then we really need this, which was really important for us. and they are also, of course they're Hubspot experts, and that expertise is really important because what I was really looking for is somebody to truly hold our hand during this um HubSpot CRM project, I needed somebody who was an expert and could help us make sure that we were setting up top spot for the long term, not just a short term.

Would you recommend Learners? What would you say to revenue leaders considering hiring Learners.ai?

Cynthia LaRue: I would absolutely recommend learners, they're amazing, they are again, they're so flexible, they're so agile. they're very, very quick to learn our business and to not business is quite complex. So highly recommend using Leraners.ai hands down if you need someone to set up HubSpot for you from scratch or if your HubSpot set up as a mess like ours was um I would highly recommend hiring them, they're going to come in and listen to what your problems are, literally learn your business, which is really important. It's hard to set up a CRM in a vacuum. You really do need to understand what type of business you're setting up a CRM for. So I would definitely recommend using them if you are looking to again set up HubSpot from scratch or if maybe you're looking to clean up something that's messy or maybe you just need optimizations. Um I would definitely recommend them. They really understand the sales and marketing funnel, they truly understand how important it is for a sales pipeline to be set up correctly, and then also for reports and dashboards to make sure that you can make quick business decisions to really see what's happening on your website with your leads going from a marketing qualified lead to sales qualified lead into the pipeline. If you're a revenue leader, I would definitely highly encourage you to consider Learners.ai, you cannot be successful in 2021, or 2022 is right around the corner. You really can't be successful. Any type of scaling business without a robust CRM. And it's really quite complex for sales and marketing leaders to take on a project like this by themselves, having an agency like learners come along is a game changer. And it's really important that revenue leaders within any organization understand that yes, CRM is an expense using an agency like learners. It is an expense, but really their investments and the amount of money that you spend on them and what you get out of them, it's really unmeasurable. It has amazing ROI you can really set up your sales team for a success if your CRM is set up correctly and of course you can set up your marketing team for success. In today's times, marketing automation is critical the old days of Excel files, Excel files and doing things but things by hand, you can scale a business that way, you have to have a robust CRM and using Learners.ai to come in and set up your CRM is just a great, it's a great choice for anyone who is really looking to scale their business

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